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Accredited Drug Testing Expands Services

Accredited Drug Testing is one of the Nation’s leading providers of drug and alcohol testing for employers and individuals thought the Nation has expanded its laboratory/clinical testing services under a new division and brand name Lab Testing USA, Inc.  

This new division will provide laboratory/clinical testing services for individuals utilizing our national network of testing facilities and will offer numerous clinical test options including:

Alcohol Testing
Cardiac Health & Cholesterol
General Health & Wellness
Allergy Testing
Diabetes Testing
Heavy Metals & Toxins
Anemia Testing
Drug Testing
Hepatitis Testing
Arthritis & Inflammation Tests
Fertility & Pregnancy Testing
Hormone Testing
Blood Type & Blood Disorders
Gastrointestinal Health Tests
Immunity & Titer Testing
Occupational Health/Physicals
Kidney & Liver Tests
Infectious Disease Testing
Sports Testing
STD/HIV Testing
Testosterone Testing
Thyroid Tests
Vitamin & Nutritional Tests
Tuberculosis (TB) Testing
Womens Health
Men's Health
Many More

Lab Testing USA President James A. Greer stated “For many years clinical testing has been a secondary marketplace for our companies and by launching a new division which will operate independently and serve the needs of individuals needing laboratory testing. This step will allow us to offer a comprehensive list of available tests, along with dedicated customer service.”

Why is Clinical Testing Important

70% of today’s medical decisions depend on laboratory test results, showing the important role of clinical laboratories in today’s healthcare system

~260,000 CLIA-certified laboratories across the country represent the cornerstone of diagnostic medicine today

14 billion laboratory tests are ordered annually—safety, quality, and cost effectiveness in laboratory testing are required for effective diagnosis and treatment of disease

Threats to national security and health can happen at any time, such as disease outbreaks, bioterrorist attacks, or chemical or radiological releases

Experts estimate that 40,000–80,000 deaths occur annually from preventable diagnostic errors

Patients in rural areas often experience barriers to healthcare and laboratory services that limit their ability to receive the care they need

Clincal testing can provide a sense of relief from any uncertainty about your health and allows indivuduals to make informed decisions about managing their health care.  Our customers may seach our test offerings online, place an order on our secure website or by calling our customer service depatmern at 800-441-2728

“Lab Testing for Health, Knowledge & Convenience”

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